The Flippening

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Bitcoin Cash is a hard-fork of Bitcoin Core. The Blockchains split during the summer of 2017. The development team behind Bitcoin Cash claimed BCH would be much faster and more scalable than Bitcoin Core.

Theoretically, Bitcoin Cash can overtake Bitcoin Core if they get their priorities straight. Support for Bitcoin Cash is still lacking mass adoption. Bitcoin Core also is in the process of worldwide adoption, but compared to Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Core has much more support.

Many experts believe that Bitcoin Cash is just a speculative asset that will not do much of anything. However, it is too early to say. We might see some exciting news come out of the Bitcoin Cash development team, but don’t hold your breath. People who owned Bitcoin during the fork were rewarded with free Bitcoin Cash. Most people might have sold it off by now. Some investors are still holding onto their BCH just in case.

Earlier this year, there was negative press against Bitcoin Cash, because it went thru another hard-fork. Bitcoin SV was created in the process. The project claimed to be Satoshi’s real vision on Bitcoin, but the project never really took off and traders are mostly speculating on price. I will be keeping everyone posted on the latest news on Bitcoin Cash just in case anything were to unfold because in crypto you just never know. Many things can change. Maybe promising things are set in motion. Time will tell.

The largest supporter of Bitcoin Cash is Roger Ver, one of the earliest adopters of Bitcoin. He owns and actively promotes the sale of BCH on his website. Let’s give this crypto some time to mature as an asset. According to Roger Ver, you could expect the flippening to happen within the next decade and not a few years.

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