Best Crypto Exchanges of 2019

decentralized crypto exchange
best cryptocurrency exchange

Binance is by far is the fastest most secure real-time crypto exchange out there. You can trade plenty of pairs. They include advanced tools to help you predict trends. They even have their own coin called BNB. Use the coin to save on trading fees. You can trade via web, smartphone App, or desktop/notebook application. Excellent for beginners.

Bitmex might not be available in your country unless you use a VPN. You can trade crypto and margin trade all you want. You choose the level of risk and you are rewarded with Bitcoin for making the right moves. This is strictly for advance traders. Excellent for advanced traders.

Poloniex app crypto exchange

Poloniex supports plenty of crypto pairs. They even have a smartphone App for when you want to trade on the go. You can margin trade cryptos all night long and make a killing in profit or loose you head with the losses. Your best bet is to use this exchange as a backup for if your other exchange accounts become unavailable. Excellent for advanced traders.

coinbase crypto exchange

Coinbase Pro, formally known as GDAX has a real-time interactive user interface to make trades. Although, they are one of the more popular exchanges, You cannot margin trade on nor trade many pair. If you’re OK with just trading the top cryptos then Coinbase is for you. Excellent for beginneers.

kraken crypto exchange top 10

Kraken is one of the oldest exchanges out there. It was formerly known as MountGox. Much has changed since its new ownership. They offer a sleek platform to make almost any trade you want. They do not offer interactive charts as you would expect in an exchange, but they do offer amazing security and control of your crypto. Excellent for intermediate users.

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