When should I buy Bitcoin?

best time to buy bitcoin is now

If you believe in Bitcoin, the answer is now. Take this as financial advice. It can only go up from here. If you buy Bitcoin and it goes down. You will only lose if you sell at a lower price. If you only understood the magnitude of owning Bitcoin you would be all in. If you’re just not sure put away 1% of your net worth in Bitcoin. That is what a Yale study recommends. If you’re really sure, then Yale recommends you invest 6% of your portfolio. Don’t have a portfolio? Start one today. It only takes a small amount of Bitcoin to be in the top 1% of society.

Can you imagine a world where the average person is worth just .003 Bitcoin. That a few measly bucks in today’s standards. People have been flocking into Bitcoin for years now. Buying over the counter so prices don’t reflect on exchanges. When larger investors and institutions can no longer buy over the counter they will flock to online exchanges. And that’s when things will turn into a buying frenzy again.

I urge you to inform yourself about crypto now. So, that you don’t end up buying Bitcoin at such a ridiculous price. Remember this, people will see this as an investment, but the real takeaway is that people are abandoning the antiquated fiat system. At some point in the future all fiat currencies will collapse. And we will enter the dark ages. It will be worse than the Great Depression of 1929, worse than the crisis of 2008. These crashes always happen. To date we have just patched up the problems with fancy accounting schemes to prop up the market, but that will end soon enough. Perhaps this will happen gradually, lets hope it will, but one thing is for certain. Cryptos and blockchain technology is here to stay.

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