Nano Coin is poised to overtake Bitcoin in the future.

the next bitcoin is nano coin

Has anyone ever stopped and wondered how scalable Bitcoin is? Speculation has driven the price of Bitcoin higher and higher hitting new all-time highs every few years, but are there any flaws to this technology. Sure there are. Can you imagine transacting in Bitcoin and paying an exorbitant amount of Bitcoin to send your transaction across the network? It is already costly. And if Bitcoin keeps pumping, no one will want to transact in Bitcoin because it will cost Bitcoin to send Bitcoin. It shouldn’t cost money to send money period.

There are many blockchain technologies out today that are far superior to Bitcoin. They are faster, cheaper, and greener. There is no denying it, Bitcoin was the first decentralized cryptocurrency and is king at the moment, but that will change. Enough time was spent studying the Bitcoin code to bring newer more scalable solutions to the block space.

The best crypto to date that offers the same incentive as Bitcoin is Nano. It was formally known as RaiBlocks. It rebranded in 2017 to Nano to better suit what the development team is aiming for. Nano is fee-less, virtually instant, and green. No other coin can say that. Nano coin will survive the test the time and prove mining cryptos was a joke. Nano is has a set circulating supply of 130 million coins and each Nano is divisible by 10^30. That’s a decimal with triple the zero to make a full NANO compared to Bitcoin. Nano is designed to be scalable for the future. You can send individual units of Nano called “raw” to any wallet without spending any Nano in the process. All you need to use is a minuscule amount of electricity to processes the proof of work on your CPU.

If Nano came out 10 years ago. It would displace every other crypto by leaps and bounds. If Bitcoin came out today. It would be considered a shitcoin. The Nano development team is working hard to get it ready for mass adoption and as the second major pump sets in we will see Nano skyrocket to new all-time highs. In early 2018, Nano reached a peak of $36. It is currently valued at $1.37. When altcoin season resumes we can expect Nano to jump over a $100. We will begin to see a beautiful trendline emerge, much like Bitcoin. Nano will rise multiple percentage points higher than Bitcoin. We can expect Bitcoin to still do a 1000% gain in the coming years while Nano will do over 10,000% gains. But it’s not about making money, its about choosing the best protocol to rule the blockchain space. And Nano is set to do just that.

In conclusion, Nano is fee-less, instant, and predicts an end mining once and for all. Keep your eye on Nano. Research as much as you can. It will be well worth the effort.

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